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We're cleaning up our catalog!

Posted by Franz Anthony on

Hey, internet.

Thanks for sticking with us since our launch in November. We've listened to your requests and tried to provide what we could (yes, we're still looking into Samsung cases). As a consequence, our shop ballooned to showcase a massive number of 318 products, not including size variants.


Before we could add more products to the store, our shopkeeper Sinosauropteryx here insisted we should slim down a little bit, or we'll get smacked by a broom.

So if you've been wanting to get something from our store, now's the last chance. Next Monday, Sino will hold us at spray-bottlepoint until we finish cleaning up the mess.

Let us know in the comments, is there any product we MUST keep for you because you can't get it by the weekend? How do you want us to categorize our items better? How much you're willing to pay to touch Sino's fluffy ta—OUCH PUT THAT BROOM DOWN.

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