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Just like living beings, our understanding of the natural world evolves over time. The collection of more specimens and the invention of better tools improve our body of knowledge. In response, the imagery we use to communicate our knowledge evolves, too.

Despite the convenience of the internet, science communicators can’t always find the right images to convey their message. Proper pictures might be too difficult to find because some organisms are so obscure or long dead. This leads to the use of the same outdated images over and over, or using a century-old painting for a new finding published in 2022.

Studio 252MYA connects artists and their illustrations with content creators and science communicators. Our team of artists and scientists work rigorously to ensure the accuracy and quality of each image. Through our images, we aim to update the general public’s scientific understanding about nature, with paleontology being our main focus.

Studio 252MYA is brought to you by the team behind Earth Archives and Pteros. For these websites, our team has crafted exclusive images for articles on natural history. Through Studio 252MYA, science enthusiasts can support our artists and mission by purchasing exclusive merchandise on our site. Content creators and collaborators can also access our comprehensive image library through our licensing service Paleostock.

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