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#Paleostream book winners!

Posted by Franz Anthony on

Congratulations to Stephanie Dziezyk for winning one copy of the #Paleostream book for her entry of a Darwinopterus grabbing some grubs! The three winners for the ebook sections are:Downright Dank:Elisa Tamagnoli’s “Hump Buddies”Meme Game On Point:Luigi Gaskell’s “Is This A Pterosaur?”This is Borderline Unacceptable:Carlos De Miguel’s “Allosaur getting facepooped”   #paleostream is a livestream hosted by Joschua Knüppe where he sketches prehistoric creatures in ways most people don't normally think of. Think of an itchy dinosaur or a turtle with poop on its back. The stream debuted in February 2018 and Joschua has since then regularly challenged people's perspective of prehistoric beasts as murderous...

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