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#Paleostream book winners!

Posted by Franz Anthony on

Congratulations to Stephanie Dziezyk

for winning one copy of the #Paleostream book for her entry of a Darwinopterus grabbing some grubs!

The three winners for the ebook sections are:
Downright Dank:
Elisa Tamagnoli’s “Hump Buddies
Meme Game On Point:
Luigi Gaskell’s “Is This A Pterosaur?”
This is Borderline Unacceptable:
Carlos De Miguel’s “Allosaur getting facepooped


#paleostream is a livestream hosted by Joschua Knüppe where he sketches prehistoric creatures in ways most people don't normally think of.

Think of an itchy dinosaur or a turtle with poop on its back.

The stream debuted in February 2018 and Joschua has since then regularly challenged people's perspective of prehistoric beasts as murderous movie monsters. His streams resulted in more than 400 sketches, driven by the latest scientific findings and various—often dank—suggestions from the community.

After months of pressure from the community, Joschua finally caved in and agreed to compile his sketches into a book, which contains 129 of the most memorable sketches.

Now that the design process is over, we need your help to celebrate the launch of Joschua's first book!


The Challenge

In the spirit of #paleostream, Joschua challenges you to come up with your own out-of-the-box paleoart. Together, we can spread this fun, weirder side of paleoart to many parts the internet... while having a little bit of laugh in the process. Here's how it goes:

· Create your own original sketches of paleoart—make it fun!
· Use the hashtag #paleostream or #paleostreambook so we can see it
· Also mention @JoschuaKnuppe & @Studio252MYA on Twitter or Facebook
· If you're on Tumblr or Instagram, tag @252MYA instead
· On the launch date, October 31st, Joschua will pick his favorite entry
· The winner gets one free copy of the book

If you prefer to listen to Joschua's soothing voice, here's a link to his announcement video instead.

Update 22 Oct

That’s right! We'll also give the ebook version to 3 people whose artwork we think deserve the following titles:
· Downright dank
· Meme game on point
· This is borderline unacceptable

Feel free to interpret this brief as you wish.

Anyway, stay tuned for more shenanigans on our social media feed! There will be memes involved.

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