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Khouribga Basin Pterosaurs stock image

Khouribga Basin Pterosaurs stock image

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The azhdarchid Phosphatodraco looks to the setting sun over the Atlantic Ocean. She can see the open ocean aerial fishing pteranodontid Tethydraco to her left. To the right, a group of the large nyctosaurid Barbaridactylus head out to sea. Closer to the wave tops, a flock of the near shore plunge-diving nyctosaurid Alcione hunt the bounty of the rising tide.  

Fossils of a diverse pterosaur fauna have been discovered at the Khouribga phosphate mines in Morocco. These pterosaurs lived in the final one million years of the Mesozoic--the Age of Reptiles--and show that pterosaurs maintained high diversity until the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction.

Illustration by Rudolf Hima

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