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Cyber Weekend Giveaways

Posted by Nick Garland on

Cyber Weekend is upon us again! It's that moment you have been waiting for all year. Or not. We are upping our giveaway game with some exclusive items not currently available on our shop. Each day is a new giveaway!

Our first giveaway includes a set of six dinosaur stickers featuring punny quips and declarations of love courtesy of David Orr.

Any purchase $25 (USD) or more (not including tax and shipping) will qualify for the stickers. Limit one order per day. We will send them to the address you use in your order as a separate shipment.

All times in Pacific time, USA.

Thanks so much for sticking with us. We hope we can, at the very least, cheer you up with our prehistoric critters.

Black Friday stickers



Cyber Saturday stickers

Ice Age Megafauna by Caroline Fleet of softbiology


Cyber Sunday stickers

I Left My Heart In... by David Orr


Cyber Monday stickers

Ordovician Seas by Caroline Fleet or softbiology

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